Wezzie's Diary of Decisions
God help me make the right decision


10:51 p.m.

So my husband is out with the boys tonight. I don't feel so great about this. I am the jealous kind. I do need a lot of attention. And I WILL be the girly girl who you have to ask 8 times what is wrong before she finally says something.

He NEVER goes out for a boy's night. And while I kept saying he SHOULD, now that he IS, it doesn't feel so great. And I don't like being this person. This person who gets pissed because he is out with them instead of home with me. But I think I finally understand why women make that demand of their husbands.

He left for work this morning before I woke up then I went to work before he got home then he went to the hockey game before I got home and then instead of just coming home, they've all gone to a bar. They wanted me to meet them there but I'd had some wine and said it would be best not to. So then they were gonna come get me and I still said no, I had stuff to do here. So then he said, "Ok, well I love you."

Then I got girly.

"WHAT?! YOU'RE GOING WITHOUT ME!?" Well shit, they just told me to go with them, but I said noooooooo. Because I think I wanted him to just TELL ME I was going. Not ask me. Or I wanted him to say to the guys, "I haven't seen my wife all day, I just want to go home."

He hasn't seen me all day and he still picks them and the bar over me. I think that is what this is all about.

That or I'm a power hungry witchy wife who must have her man under her thumb at all times. I dunno. All I can say is that he better be wearing his ring! I should have just shown up to make sure he was behaving...